Hello! I'm James...

I'm an illustrator and designer, with over a decade of professional experience. In that time I've worked on many and varied projects, from company logos, to wedding invitations, to in-store branding for a leading jewellers. Alongside this, I have produced countless illustrations for educational publications and children's books.

I live in Sheffield, with my girlfriend, Jamie, and our dog, Cooper.

Clients include:
Oxford University Press, Pearson Education, Macmillan, Infuze Ltd, Wild Apple Design, Cambridge University Press, St Helens Council, Hart McLeod, Folens, Brilliant Publications, Out Of House Publishing, Rising Stars UK, The Inhuman League, Springboard Stories, First Aiducate, Sheffield Steel Roller Girls, Pappy's Flatshare Slamdown, One17Design, Rebus Creative, V.People UK, Harper Collins


Contact me for commissions, enquiries, or general ego-stroking.